Train With Triplett (TWT) is a contractor coaching program focused on helping contractors take control of their business and maximize profits while balancing relationships with their family, friends, health and hobbies.  

The foundation of Triplett’s career is based on being authentic and transparent as he shares his experiences and both successes and failures to help contractors avoid the mistakes he has made in the past. 




TWT emerged from two decades of supporting contractors through their trials.  

Triplett has touched the lives of millions of people through YouTube with “Ask The Pond Digger” training videos and extensive “How To” video tutorials on designing, building and maintaining ponds, earning the Silver Creator Award in 2019.  

With his focus on learning, growing, and inspiration it is easy to see why Triplett’s award-winning construction company continues to be so successful. Triplett wants to save YOU a lot of the pain he experienced over the years as he grew his businesses.  

Triplett’s raw and passionate teaching style is easy to resonate with. He has an open manner that invites you into his life.  

 Remember this, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. 

Join the TWT Movement and surround yourself with the inspiration you need to become the contractor you dreamed you could be! 




“Triplett has a teaching style that is very relatable and truly wants what’s best for your family and your business.”


“He has truly helped me take control of my business, which has allowed me to spend more time on what’s most important, my family!”


"Triplett incorporates his life journey, experiences and core values helped guide me through issues of being my own boss and how to integrate physical and mental health along with a healthy home life into your daily routine."